My Blogging experience

Blogging about aliens for the past three months has created new outlets for me to share my knowledge about extraterrestrials. Not only have I been able to educate my followers about aliens, I have also learned new things by the the comments and links people have sent me. Being able to blog has taught me how to interact with people from a new form of social media. I have always had a twitter, facebook,and instagram, but a blog allows you to connect with people on a different level. This started out as a project for a class but I will continue to blog because I enjoy the creativity it brings. From my experience so far, I need to improve on interacting with more blogs. If I comment on more blogs and follow more blogs, more people will be inclined to look at my blog. I can gain more followers.

A tool that I found to be really helpful was the widget that linked my blog to my twitter. I would just click post to twitter whenever I had a new post and my twitter followers could click on my tweet which would take them directly to my blog. I think that blogs can help you in your professional career because they teach you how to write, be creative, and communicate effectively with people. A lot of businesses have blogs, In my other mass communication classes we have studied blogs for different public relations companies. Having this blog has been a great learning experience. I got to learn how wordpress worked and how to add widgets and visually maintain my blog. If I were to go into an interview and they were to ask me what kinds of skills I had I can definitely include blogging as well as being familiar with wordpress.I can now add blogging to one of my skills on Linkedin.


Alien Abduction Victim

Last year while I lived in the Delta Zeta house one of my roommates, Victoria Orzech claimed to have been abducted from aliens one night in October. All 19 girls in the house were terrified for weeks. I recently did an interview with her about her experience.

Recent UFO Sightings

Recent UFO Sightings

I created a storify that is composed of recent UFO sightings around the world published in different forms of social media


The story of the Mothman begins in the town of  Point Pleasent, West Virginia on the night of November 15, 1966. Two couples were driving by an abandoned local TNT power plant when they spotted a huge ,winged creature that had glowing red eyes flying towards them. As the creature came closer to the car the couples realized it had the body of a man. It was more than 7 feet tall with bat- like wings and it’s eyes were hypnotic. The couple sped back to town and told the local sheriff that they were followed by the winged man for several miles. Both couples agreed that they felt threatened by the creature. Another man named Newell Partridge reported seeing the creature later that night in Salem , West Virginia a town 90 miles north east of Point Pleasent. He told the sheriff he was watching t.v. when the screen blanked out. He described hearing a high pitched whining noise , when suddenly his dog bandit began to howl at the front door. When Partridge opened the door he found the winged creature was on his front yard. Bandit ran towards the creature and Partridge went inside to get his shot gun. When he came back out both Bandit and the creature were gone. Bandit never returned.

The two couples described seeing the body of a massive dog laying on the side of the road as they reached the Point Pleasent city limits. Sherrif George Johnson drove out to the TNT plant but saw no dog. Oddly enough, he described hearing the same high pitched whining noise on his radio when he reached the plant.The next day the story hit the press and one journalist called the creature the Mothman, named after a villain in the television Batman series.

The next night, November 16,1966 a woman was carrying her baby outside her house in Point Pleasant when she noticed the Mothman sitting on her roof. Frightened she dropped the infant as she attempted to run inside. She described being hypnotized by his glowing red eyes and lost her train of thought. She believed she was outside for quite some time before she regained composure and brought the infant inside. In her call to the police department she described the Mothman as being outside on her porch pacing slowly and peering inside her windows before he eventually left.

Soon Mothman became a feared creature in Point Pleasent. The town was issued a curfew and more and more people described seeing the creature. Several eye witnesses claimed to have seen him at the TNT plant even during the day. The towns people grew to thinking that the creature lived there. People also reported seeing UFO’s during the time of the Mothman sightings. Eventually the men in black arrived.

The men in black came to Point Pleasant claiming to be from the government. They urged townspeople to not report the mothman sightings or UFO sightings. They wanted the mothman to not receive any more attention and they would often pay visits to the eye witnesses and local newspapers urging them to stop talking about the Mothman. The citizens of Point Pleasant were afraid of them. In one incident a writer for the local newspaper claimed to have been visited by a man in black where he threatened to harm her if she continued to write articles about the Mothman. These men in black are now believed to have been humanoids. As mentioned in an earlier blog, humanoids are beings that have the body of a human but are in fact not human. Indrid Cold was one of the men in black that visited Point Pleasant during this time.

From November of 1966 to december of 1967 there were over 100 sightings of the Mothman. It was unclear what its motives were, and it never harmed anyone. The town grew to accept it and it became a normal part of life. However, December 15, 1967 was the last time Mothman was ever seen. The Silver bridge connected Point Pleasant to Gallipolois, Ohio. The bridge went over the Ohio river and was named after its silver body. On December 15, 1966 an eyewitness reported seeing the Mothman sitting on the top of the bridge on the West Virginia  side. Shortly after at 5:00 p.m. the bridge collapsed during the middle of rush hour traffic. 37 vehicles were crossing the bridge at the time, and 46 people lost their lives. Two bodies were never recovered. Later , it was established that the bridge collapsed due to the failure of a single eye bar. After the collapse of the bridge, Mothman was never seen again.

The town of Point Pleasant was left questioning where the mothman went. What had he wanted? Did he know the bridge was going to collapse? Was he trying to warn them? These questions remained unanswered.

There are several theories surrounding the phenomenon but one in particular is the Sandhill Crane theory. Scientists suggested that the mothman could have been a bird that was affected by radiation at the TNT plant. Because the TNT plant was used during world war 2 for testing, some believed that a Sand Hill crane was exposed to radiation and became mutated, giving it the glowing red eyes. All eye witnesses claim to be absolutely sure that the Mothman was not a Sand Hill crane.

I personally believe that the Mothman is connected with Indrid Cold and the UFO sightings for a reason that is unknown. Maybe he will be spotted again and maybe he won’t. I hope to see him some day.

If you are interested and would like more of the details of the story there are several sources you can refer to. The first is called the Mothman Prophecies by John A. Keel. I also really enjoyed the documentary called ” The Eyes of the Mothman“. Both give true accounts of the events that occurred in Point Pleasant. If you want a good scary movie you can watch ” The Mothman Prophecies” with Richard Geer, it’s based off of Keel’s book but isn’t a true story.

Alien slideshow

Over the past couple of years I have taken pictures of all things alien related that I encounter in my life via my iphone. Whether its dressing up as an alien for halloween or making my sorority sisters dress up as aliens with me, my alien encounters seem to be endless.

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Mass UFO Sightings Across Texas

In the past three months I have been reading about numerous UFO sightings across the state of Texas. Most eye witness accounts describe a large V- shaped object hovering above them in the sky. Arlington,Seguin,Houston, and Austin are some of the major cities that have reported seeing the same V shaped object in the sky.

SkEye Astronomy App


Being the avid space/ alien lover that I am, I found this really cool app for the android that allows you to use your phone as a telescope and navigate across the solar system. It’s called the SkEye Astronomy app! If you have a telescope, just attach your phone to the OTA and you pretty much have your own hand held guide! 

It has some pretty cool features including:

• Time machine : Jump to any date in past or future
 • Real time Alt-Azimuth and Equatorial coordinates
 • Messier objects
 • mini-NGC catalog (subset of ~180 bright objects)
 • Solar system objects including all 8 planets and the 4 Galilean moons
 • Night Mode
 • Search, with a guiding arrow
 • Alt-Azimuth, Equatorial grid


The Barney and Betty Hill abduction

The Barney and Betty Hill abduction story is one of the most talked about abduction stories in the history of our world. It occurred on September 19th , 1961.

The Hills were driving home from a vacation in Canada when they noticed a strange object in the sky at abour 10:15 p.m. just outside of Lancaster, New Hampshire. Barney noticed it first before pointing it out to Betty. Initially, the couple thought it was a planet but then realized that it was moving. By the time the couple reached Flume, NH the object had grown in size and was moving in an unusual pattern. It would dart off way to the west then come back, getting closer each time. At one point , the object was only 100 yards away and the couple could see the occupants inside of the aircraft. The couple describes the occupants as tall greyish figures with dark slanted eyes. 

Sometime during the drive home the couple heard a strange beeping noise, but could no longer see the aircraft. The couple arrived home at 3 a.m. The next day Betty reported the ufo sighting to Pease Air Force Base. oddly enough, the base had documented an unidentified object in that airspace that very night. 

Several days later, Betty began to have nightmares about what really happened that night. In her dreams, her and Barney were stopped at a roadblock by greyish beings that took them upon their spacecraft. They communicated to Betty telepathically and explained that they would be doing an examination. In her dream the beings showed Betty a map of the galaxy and pointed out where they were from. Later , it was revealed that if what the greys said was true they were from Zeta Reticuli, a star over 200 trillion miles away from Earth. Betty’s dreams lasted for five days before they went away. 

Eventually, both of the Hills were interviewed by Walter Webb, a lecturer on staff at the Hayden Planetarium. Upon going over the details of the interview, and calculating the milage and distance, Webb came to a startling realization. If the Hills were at Lancaster at 10:15, they should have arrived home to Portsmouth at 12:15, three hours earlier then when they actually arrived home. Neither Betty nor Barney could account for why they got home so late. They both agreed that they were in the car driving the whole time. What happened during that unaccounted for time?

After hypnosis treatments, both Betty and Barney were convinced that Betty’s nightmares of an alien abduction are what actually occurred the night of September 19th. Regardless, there is no denying that something strange and life altering went on. This story was one of the first publicized documentations of alien abductions. It paved the way for the future studies of UFO’s and alien abductions.


Above: A picture of Barney and Betty Hill

The Greys


The Greys are extraterrestrial beings that have been named after their greyish skin tone and are held accountable for over half of the reported alien abductions in the U.S. Most recently , they received a lot of attention when they were portrayed as the villain in the Scifi movie “Dark Skies”.

Many scientists link the origin of the idea of the greys to the Betty and Barney Hill abduction that occurred in the  early  1960’s. However, the greys have also been linked to a crash landing in Roswell, New Mexico. They are said to have hypnosis power and use this on their victims by staring into their eyes. Numerous abductee victims describe their abduction encounters as being very traumatizing, and violating. Numerous victims have described losing their train of thought and mental control whenever they looked at a grey directly in the eye.

Many abductees also have said that there is one specific leader. They were able to tell because he was taller than the rest, and his demeanor was different. The majority of abduction stories that I have read, suggested that the greys were not peaceful, yet their motives are obviously unknown. Some theories suggest that they are here to test human DNA in order to help their race survive.



a sketch of what Indrid cold looks like

a sketch of what Indrid cold looks like

The term humanoids refers to any life form that resembles a human being physically, but is actually not a human being at all. While they may look just like you and me, they will not have knowledge about simple worldly things. One story describes a Humanoid being fascinated by a ball point pen.He had never seen anything like it and thought it was genius. Another encounter describes a humanoid being confused by jello, not knowing what it was or how to eat it. A Humanoid does not have normal reactions like a human , it would not know how to appropriately handle certain situations.

Many stories in ufologoy describe humanoids as having telepathic powers, able to communicate without speaking. They also possess abilities far beyond human intelligence. They are often found in and around an area where a UFO has been spotted. I personally believe that they are everywhere.

The most famous humanoid encounter is linked to the mothman prophecy which I will discuss in a later post. But it occurred in the town of Point Pleasent,  West Virginia. Point Pleasent has been linked to many UFO sightings in the late 1950’s to early 1960’s. One day local news anchor Woodrow Derenberger was driving home when he came upon a silver cigar shaped vehicle parked in the middle of the highway. He slowed down only to witness a tall man , over 6’5 dressed in a black and white suit stepping out of the vehicle. The man was pale with dark hair and was grinning from ear to ear. Derenberger described in detail how eerie the grin was. He claimed that the man began to speak to him telepathically. The man called himself Indrid Cold . Indrid Cold explained that he was not human, he had come from another world and he would visit Derenberger soon and to not be alarmed. Derenebrger later said in an interview that the man seemed to be human yet he could feel that he was not.

Later that week Indrid Cold appeared at Derenberger’s house. He proceeded to introduce himself to Derenberger’s whole family. For weeks, Indrid would show up randomly it almost became a normal thing to the Derenberger family. But Woodrow hated the visits he received from Cold. He began to tell his close friends and family that Cold showed him things he did not wish to see. At night Indrid would take him places. He suffered from horrible migraines and became depressed. Indrid would attempt to cover up the recent UFO sightings the town had been experiencing. He would threaten anyone who wished to tell their story or go to the newspapers. The town was frightened by him.

Then just as suddenly as he came, he left. One day Indrid just disappeared from Point Pleaseant, never to be seen again. Woodrow Derenberger suffered from anxiety and migraines for the rest of his life. Forever fearful that Indrid would return.

This story peaked my interest about three years ago. I began to do a lot of research about Indrid and Point Pleasent after I watched a documentary titled the “eyes of the Mothman”. It sort of came to be an obsession. I would look up Indrid Cold all the time. My best friend Nick and I would talk about it over the phone. One night in December of 2011, I was on the phone with him talking about Indrid Cold when I heard a click on the phone, suddenly my call was dropped. I tried to call my Nick back but my call could not go through, I called him back this time with my landline and was able to get through. Nick told me that he too heard a click and then his phone would not work. Oddly enough, I heard the click again and my call was dropped from the landline. I tried to call him back, it would not work. My cell phone did not work until the next morning. I was a little freaked out, its almost as if someone had been listening to our conversation and then disconnected it. I didn’t think too much about it even though I should have. Two days later I was having a terrible nightmare,the kind that is so vivid it feels real. I was driving in a car and it was spinning out of control. Everything was in slow motion. Suddenly I realized the car was headed towards a telephone pole. There was a wore dangling down with sparks shooting off from it. Suddenly I became aware that when my car hit the wire I would be electrocuted. Right when my car hit the wire, I woke up. What I woke up to was horrifying and was the scariest moment of my life thus far. There at the foot of my bed was a tall man , dressed in a black and white suit with dark hair. He was grinning from ear to ear and he told me his name was Indrid Cold. I was horrified but before I could even think to scream , he was gone. I know this makes me sound crazy and I have considered the possibility that  I was delusional from my dream , but I am convinced that I was awake and that he was really there. I don’t know what it means but I will never forget it.

Since my experience, I have been very sensitive to observing those around me, and I am convinced that humanoids are everywhere. Just watch people next time you go out. Those bizarre people that have strange reactions / interactions with you could in fact be humanoids.