The Roswell Incident

Roswell, New Mexico is famously known for being an alien hot spot. Since July of 1947 the town has been connected to a conspiracy that is argued about to this day. What really happened that July? Nobody really knows, except for the government. Regardless of if you are a firm alien believer or not, it cannot be argued that something strange happened that fateful July.  The following is a summary , of best to my knowledge, of what is now known as  “The Roswell Incident”. 

 On July 4, 1947 a spacecraft crash landed on a ranch just north of Roswell, New Mexico. The following day rancher W.W. Mack Brazel arrived on the scene where he found bits and pieces of debris that led him to believe the ship was not from this planet. There were tiny pieces of metal that were as this as tin foil, yet could not be destroyed along with “I” beams that wold neither bend nor break. Later, multiple eye witnesses would report seeing a shiny metal object shoot across the sky before plunging into the ground.

  Brazel reported the debris to the local sheriff who later passed it onto Maj. Jesse Marcel , an intelligence officer stationed at the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF). Marcel inspected the debris and concluded that something must have exploded above the ground before crash landing. Meanwhile, local mortician, Glenn Davis received calls from the RAAF morgue inquiring about hermetically sealed coffins and preserving bodies that had been exposed to the elements for several days. Later after visiting the officer Davis claims that he met with a nurse that told him extraterrestrial bodies were recovered from the crash sight and were being examined inside the RAAF base. 

  On July 8th a press release was written from the RAAF which described that wreckage of a crashed space disk had been discovered. Later that afternoon the press release was edited and was changed to describe wreckage from a naval weather balloon being discovered. The original eye witness rancher, Brazel later changed his account of what happened to discovering the debris of a weather balloon, which he had found two other times before that. Many suspect he changed his story due to pressure from the military.

  Since that July the military has gone through extreme measures to cover up what really happened. The remains of the crashed debris remain confidential and are only accessible to the government. No one can really answer for sure what happened, and the ton of Roswell will forever be tied to the alien conspiracy.


Above: A picture of the Roswell Daily Record in its attempt to report the Roswell Incident.


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