a sketch of what Indrid cold looks like

a sketch of what Indrid cold looks like

The term humanoids refers to any life form that resembles a human being physically, but is actually not a human being at all. While they may look just like you and me, they will not have knowledge about simple worldly things. One story describes a Humanoid being fascinated by a ball point pen.He had never seen anything like it and thought it was genius. Another encounter describes a humanoid being confused by jello, not knowing what it was or how to eat it. A Humanoid does not have normal reactions like a human , it would not know how to appropriately handle certain situations.

Many stories in ufologoy describe humanoids as having telepathic powers, able to communicate without speaking. They also possess abilities far beyond human intelligence. They are often found in and around an area where a UFO has been spotted. I personally believe that they are everywhere.

The most famous humanoid encounter is linked to the mothman prophecy which I will discuss in a later post. But it occurred in the town of Point Pleasent,  West Virginia. Point Pleasent has been linked to many UFO sightings in the late 1950’s to early 1960’s. One day local news anchor Woodrow Derenberger was driving home when he came upon a silver cigar shaped vehicle parked in the middle of the highway. He slowed down only to witness a tall man , over 6’5 dressed in a black and white suit stepping out of the vehicle. The man was pale with dark hair and was grinning from ear to ear. Derenberger described in detail how eerie the grin was. He claimed that the man began to speak to him telepathically. The man called himself Indrid Cold . Indrid Cold explained that he was not human, he had come from another world and he would visit Derenberger soon and to not be alarmed. Derenebrger later said in an interview that the man seemed to be human yet he could feel that he was not.

Later that week Indrid Cold appeared at Derenberger’s house. He proceeded to introduce himself to Derenberger’s whole family. For weeks, Indrid would show up randomly it almost became a normal thing to the Derenberger family. But Woodrow hated the visits he received from Cold. He began to tell his close friends and family that Cold showed him things he did not wish to see. At night Indrid would take him places. He suffered from horrible migraines and became depressed. Indrid would attempt to cover up the recent UFO sightings the town had been experiencing. He would threaten anyone who wished to tell their story or go to the newspapers. The town was frightened by him.

Then just as suddenly as he came, he left. One day Indrid just disappeared from Point Pleaseant, never to be seen again. Woodrow Derenberger suffered from anxiety and migraines for the rest of his life. Forever fearful that Indrid would return.

This story peaked my interest about three years ago. I began to do a lot of research about Indrid and Point Pleasent after I watched a documentary titled the “eyes of the Mothman”. It sort of came to be an obsession. I would look up Indrid Cold all the time. My best friend Nick and I would talk about it over the phone. One night in December of 2011, I was on the phone with him talking about Indrid Cold when I heard a click on the phone, suddenly my call was dropped. I tried to call my Nick back but my call could not go through, I called him back this time with my landline and was able to get through. Nick told me that he too heard a click and then his phone would not work. Oddly enough, I heard the click again and my call was dropped from the landline. I tried to call him back, it would not work. My cell phone did not work until the next morning. I was a little freaked out, its almost as if someone had been listening to our conversation and then disconnected it. I didn’t think too much about it even though I should have. Two days later I was having a terrible nightmare,the kind that is so vivid it feels real. I was driving in a car and it was spinning out of control. Everything was in slow motion. Suddenly I realized the car was headed towards a telephone pole. There was a wore dangling down with sparks shooting off from it. Suddenly I became aware that when my car hit the wire I would be electrocuted. Right when my car hit the wire, I woke up. What I woke up to was horrifying and was the scariest moment of my life thus far. There at the foot of my bed was a tall man , dressed in a black and white suit with dark hair. He was grinning from ear to ear and he told me his name was Indrid Cold. I was horrified but before I could even think to scream , he was gone. I know this makes me sound crazy and I have considered the possibility that  I was delusional from my dream , but I am convinced that I was awake and that he was really there. I don’t know what it means but I will never forget it.

Since my experience, I have been very sensitive to observing those around me, and I am convinced that humanoids are everywhere. Just watch people next time you go out. Those bizarre people that have strange reactions / interactions with you could in fact be humanoids.


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