The Barney and Betty Hill abduction

The Barney and Betty Hill abduction story is one of the most talked about abduction stories in the history of our world. It occurred on September 19th , 1961.

The Hills were driving home from a vacation in Canada when they noticed a strange object in the sky at abour 10:15 p.m. just outside of Lancaster, New Hampshire. Barney noticed it first before pointing it out to Betty. Initially, the couple thought it was a planet but then realized that it was moving. By the time the couple reached Flume, NH the object had grown in size and was moving in an unusual pattern. It would dart off way to the west then come back, getting closer each time. At one point , the object was only 100 yards away and the couple could see the occupants inside of the aircraft. The couple describes the occupants as tall greyish figures with dark slanted eyes. 

Sometime during the drive home the couple heard a strange beeping noise, but could no longer see the aircraft. The couple arrived home at 3 a.m. The next day Betty reported the ufo sighting to Pease Air Force Base. oddly enough, the base had documented an unidentified object in that airspace that very night. 

Several days later, Betty began to have nightmares about what really happened that night. In her dreams, her and Barney were stopped at a roadblock by greyish beings that took them upon their spacecraft. They communicated to Betty telepathically and explained that they would be doing an examination. In her dream the beings showed Betty a map of the galaxy and pointed out where they were from. Later , it was revealed that if what the greys said was true they were from Zeta Reticuli, a star over 200 trillion miles away from Earth. Betty’s dreams lasted for five days before they went away. 

Eventually, both of the Hills were interviewed by Walter Webb, a lecturer on staff at the Hayden Planetarium. Upon going over the details of the interview, and calculating the milage and distance, Webb came to a startling realization. If the Hills were at Lancaster at 10:15, they should have arrived home to Portsmouth at 12:15, three hours earlier then when they actually arrived home. Neither Betty nor Barney could account for why they got home so late. They both agreed that they were in the car driving the whole time. What happened during that unaccounted for time?

After hypnosis treatments, both Betty and Barney were convinced that Betty’s nightmares of an alien abduction are what actually occurred the night of September 19th. Regardless, there is no denying that something strange and life altering went on. This story was one of the first publicized documentations of alien abductions. It paved the way for the future studies of UFO’s and alien abductions.


Above: A picture of Barney and Betty Hill

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