The Greys


The Greys are extraterrestrial beings that have been named after their greyish skin tone and are held accountable for over half of the reported alien abductions in the U.S. Most recently , they received a lot of attention when they were portrayed as the villain in the Scifi movie “Dark Skies”.

Many scientists link the origin of the idea of the greys to the Betty and Barney Hill abduction that occurred in the  early  1960’s. However, the greys have also been linked to a crash landing in Roswell, New Mexico. They are said to have hypnosis power and use this on their victims by staring into their eyes. Numerous abductee victims describe their abduction encounters as being very traumatizing, and violating. Numerous victims have described losing their train of thought and mental control whenever they looked at a grey directly in the eye.

Many abductees also have said that there is one specific leader. They were able to tell because he was taller than the rest, and his demeanor was different. The majority of abduction stories that I have read, suggested that the greys were not peaceful, yet their motives are obviously unknown. Some theories suggest that they are here to test human DNA in order to help their race survive.



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