The story of the Mothman begins in the town of  Point Pleasent, West Virginia on the night of November 15, 1966. Two couples were driving by an abandoned local TNT power plant when they spotted a huge ,winged creature that had glowing red eyes flying towards them. As the creature came closer to the car the couples realized it had the body of a man. It was more than 7 feet tall with bat- like wings and it’s eyes were hypnotic. The couple sped back to town and told the local sheriff that they were followed by the winged man for several miles. Both couples agreed that they felt threatened by the creature. Another man named Newell Partridge reported seeing the creature later that night in Salem , West Virginia a town 90 miles north east of Point Pleasent. He told the sheriff he was watching t.v. when the screen blanked out. He described hearing a high pitched whining noise , when suddenly his dog bandit began to howl at the front door. When Partridge opened the door he found the winged creature was on his front yard. Bandit ran towards the creature and Partridge went inside to get his shot gun. When he came back out both Bandit and the creature were gone. Bandit never returned.

The two couples described seeing the body of a massive dog laying on the side of the road as they reached the Point Pleasent city limits. Sherrif George Johnson drove out to the TNT plant but saw no dog. Oddly enough, he described hearing the same high pitched whining noise on his radio when he reached the plant.The next day the story hit the press and one journalist called the creature the Mothman, named after a villain in the television Batman series.

The next night, November 16,1966 a woman was carrying her baby outside her house in Point Pleasant when she noticed the Mothman sitting on her roof. Frightened she dropped the infant as she attempted to run inside. She described being hypnotized by his glowing red eyes and lost her train of thought. She believed she was outside for quite some time before she regained composure and brought the infant inside. In her call to the police department she described the Mothman as being outside on her porch pacing slowly and peering inside her windows before he eventually left.

Soon Mothman became a feared creature in Point Pleasent. The town was issued a curfew and more and more people described seeing the creature. Several eye witnesses claimed to have seen him at the TNT plant even during the day. The towns people grew to thinking that the creature lived there. People also reported seeing UFO’s during the time of the Mothman sightings. Eventually the men in black arrived.

The men in black came to Point Pleasant claiming to be from the government. They urged townspeople to not report the mothman sightings or UFO sightings. They wanted the mothman to not receive any more attention and they would often pay visits to the eye witnesses and local newspapers urging them to stop talking about the Mothman. The citizens of Point Pleasant were afraid of them. In one incident a writer for the local newspaper claimed to have been visited by a man in black where he threatened to harm her if she continued to write articles about the Mothman. These men in black are now believed to have been humanoids. As mentioned in an earlier blog, humanoids are beings that have the body of a human but are in fact not human. Indrid Cold was one of the men in black that visited Point Pleasant during this time.

From November of 1966 to december of 1967 there were over 100 sightings of the Mothman. It was unclear what its motives were, and it never harmed anyone. The town grew to accept it and it became a normal part of life. However, December 15, 1967 was the last time Mothman was ever seen. The Silver bridge connected Point Pleasant to Gallipolois, Ohio. The bridge went over the Ohio river and was named after its silver body. On December 15, 1966 an eyewitness reported seeing the Mothman sitting on the top of the bridge on the West Virginia  side. Shortly after at 5:00 p.m. the bridge collapsed during the middle of rush hour traffic. 37 vehicles were crossing the bridge at the time, and 46 people lost their lives. Two bodies were never recovered. Later , it was established that the bridge collapsed due to the failure of a single eye bar. After the collapse of the bridge, Mothman was never seen again.

The town of Point Pleasant was left questioning where the mothman went. What had he wanted? Did he know the bridge was going to collapse? Was he trying to warn them? These questions remained unanswered.

There are several theories surrounding the phenomenon but one in particular is the Sandhill Crane theory. Scientists suggested that the mothman could have been a bird that was affected by radiation at the TNT plant. Because the TNT plant was used during world war 2 for testing, some believed that a Sand Hill crane was exposed to radiation and became mutated, giving it the glowing red eyes. All eye witnesses claim to be absolutely sure that the Mothman was not a Sand Hill crane.

I personally believe that the Mothman is connected with Indrid Cold and the UFO sightings for a reason that is unknown. Maybe he will be spotted again and maybe he won’t. I hope to see him some day.

If you are interested and would like more of the details of the story there are several sources you can refer to. The first is called the Mothman Prophecies by John A. Keel. I also really enjoyed the documentary called ” The Eyes of the Mothman“. Both give true accounts of the events that occurred in Point Pleasant. If you want a good scary movie you can watch ” The Mothman Prophecies” with Richard Geer, it’s based off of Keel’s book but isn’t a true story.


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