My Blogging experience

Blogging about aliens for the past three months has created new outlets for me to share my knowledge about extraterrestrials. Not only have I been able to educate my followers about aliens, I have also learned new things by the the comments and links people have sent me. Being able to blog has taught me how to interact with people from a new form of social media. I have always had a twitter, facebook,and instagram, but a blog allows you to connect with people on a different level. This started out as a project for a class but I will continue to blog because I enjoy the creativity it brings. From my experience so far, I need to improve on interacting with more blogs. If I comment on more blogs and follow more blogs, more people will be inclined to look at my blog. I can gain more followers.

A tool that I found to be really helpful was the widget that linked my blog to my twitter. I would just click post to twitter whenever I had a new post and my twitter followers could click on my tweet which would take them directly to my blog. I think that blogs can help you in your professional career because they teach you how to write, be creative, and communicate effectively with people. A lot of businesses have blogs, In my other mass communication classes we have studied blogs for different public relations companies. Having this blog has been a great learning experience. I got to learn how wordpress worked and how to add widgets and visually maintain my blog. If I were to go into an interview and they were to ask me what kinds of skills I had I can definitely include blogging as well as being familiar with wordpress.I can now add blogging to one of my skills on Linkedin.


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